The easiest way to think about shipping damage is to think about the ants you see in your kitchen in the summer. You may not be able to see them all year round, but they are there, hiding in the cracks in your kitchen just waiting to come out. Shipping damage is similar to this in that you might not see it every time you ship something, but it is always just waiting to happen. But what shipping damage can occur, and how can a siat pallet wrapper help you prevent this?

Visible Damage

There are thousands of examples of catastrophic events happening during the shipping journey which have had a massive impact on the successful delivery of the end product. For example, maybe a wine retailer opened the door of the delivery truck to be greeted by thousands of smashed bottles of wine leaking everywhere. This is what we call visible damage – it is damage that you can see and that people tell you about so that you can prevent it from happening again.

Quite often, visible damage is the sort of damage that occurs which prompts manufacturers to review their stretch wrapping strategy which can lead to a new machine being purchased, such as the Siat SW2, or just new wrap standards being set within the manufacturing unit. The visible damage that occurs and causes big, expensive problems generally leads to big, expensive solutions to prevent it from happening again in the future.

But what about the damage you can’t see, like the ants behind your kitchen cabinets?

Invisible Damage

Its quite obvious that if there is large damage caused during the shipping journey, you will no doubt hear about it, however, you may not hear about the ‘invisible’ or smaller damage. This is damage such as a dented can of vegetables or two, or a squashed box of cereal. It is not something that the retailer will feel strongly enough to tell you about probably but it can actually have a big impact on their sales.

Think about the last time you saw a dented can or squashed cereal packet on your supermarket shelves. I bet you thought twice about buying it, and either looked for an unsquashed box or bought a completely different brand if a perfect box wasn’t available in your preferred brand.  Having less than perfect packaging on your products when they make it to the retailers’ shelves, therefore, can have a real impact on brand loyalty and it can also affect profits if the retailer has to sell them at a reduced price in order to shift them!

Invisible damage isn’t quite as terrible as visible damage, and it doesn’t usually result in the big changes that visible damage does but it does still have an effect. As we have described above, one of the costs of invisible damage is damage to your brand reputation if it continues to happen again and again, and it will also have an impact on your bottom line as well.

How to Prevent Damage

The good thing about both invisible and visible damage is that there is something you can do about it. We have lots of tools available to us, which can help us to prevent damage in shipping – such as pallet wrappers and stretch wrappers. What these products do is to allow you to stretch wrap your products for shipping effectively to reduce the risk of damage during the entire shipping process – and thereby reduce the risk of both damages to your reputation and your bottom line.

The best advice we can give you for dealing with small damage prevention is to go back to basics. Focus on setting good stretch wrapping standards, and make sure these standards are followed at all times. These standards should include:

  • Description of the required amount of load force (the force that holds your load together) and how to ensure it is present throughout the load.
  • Knowledge of how to secure the load to the pallet correctly (using a film cable) to create the correct load to pallet bond
  • A check to ensure there are no trailing or loose tails of stretch wrap

If you are struggling with shipping damage issues and want more information on any of our products, including the Siat f104 case erector, please call our friendly and experienced team today on 01924 483000 or by email at

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