• Manual or Automatic Programme
  • Pallet height detection sensor
  • Variable speed AC drives
  • High ratio gearbox keeps the turntable stationary when not powered
  • Chain-driven turntable with home position
  • Top and bottom wrap counters
  • Conforms to current HSE legislations
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Product Description

The SIAT F1L-16-M is an entry-level machine which is very simple to use but does not compromise on build quality. A mechanical brake creates the lay-on-force to wrap the pallets tightly. Variable speed drives and wrap timers allow pallets to be wrapped securely for simple and safe transit. The machine can be supplied with a 200% motorised pre-stretch film carriage. This significantly reduces film consumption, increases load holding and gives greater flexibility when wrapping lighter, crushable loads.

The competitive price of this European-built machine appeals to customers looking for low maintenance and reliability.

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