• Pneumatic side arms to centralise the case act as a case holder
  • Adjustable upper-head stop to limit travel of upper head assembly
  • Head up pneumatic switch to make tape changeover quicker and easier
  • Top belt guarding
  • Optional 75mm wide taping head
  • Belt speed 22m/min
  • Telescopic legs
  • Emergency stop and undervoltage protection
  • Designed and manufactured in the European Union to EC Machinery Directives.
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Product Description

The SIAT SR4 is a manually fed, self-adjusting case sealing machine suitable for sealing a wide range of case sizes up to 500 x 500mm. It is quick and easy for any operator to set up and run. The SR4 has a pneumatic system to adjust for different case sizes meaning random size cases can be sealed with ease. Top and bottom drive belts seal both heavy and light cases without the cases stalling over the taping heads. Reliable and low maintenance SIAT K11 top and bottom taping heads apply 50mm wide self-adhesive tape for a perfect seal time after time. The SR46 model is also available for sealing larger cases

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