• Heavy duty Wulftec NO-THREAD® film carriage with 150-200-250% Pre-stretch
  • Pallet height detection sensor
  • Variable speed AC drives
  • 10 programmable cycles with lock-off key
  • High-ratio gearbox keeps the turntable stationary when not powered
  • Chain driven turntable with home position
  • Top and bottom wrap counters
  • Conforms to current HSE legislations
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Product Description

The SIAT SW2L-PW is a value-added pallet stretch wrapping machine. Built to design the rigours of the hardest-working warehouse environments, the machine comes with a 3-year warranty. Equipped with its renowned Wulftec film carriage, it is designed to stretch the film up to 300%, so that for every 1m of film on the roll it produces a massive 4m of wrapping, which means huge reductions in your film consumption. If you’re wrapping 30-40 pallets per day and need a machine that’s built to last, the SIAT SW2 is the perfect solution.

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