Lots of goods that are manufactured in the UK are now shipped on long journey’s overseas, and so it is becoming more and more important that they are packaged in such a way that they remain in a good condition throughout the distribution process. We specialise in Siat Packaging Machinery here and so we are well aware that large goods require the appropriate packaging in order to prevent them becoming damaged during transit, and also to prevent them from damaging other goods during transit. To help you with this, we have pulled together this list of things to think about when you are shipping goods overseas:

Make Sure Your Products are clean

Sounds a bit daft but this is really important as certain items can become dangerous if they are not cleaned, and this will may end up with you getting a fine at Customs. For example, if you are trying to transport wooden items that are not clean and packaged properly, then this can lead to rot setting in on a long journey which can end up with a parasite infestation.

Use Void Fill

Void Fill is the name for the packaging material that is placed inside a carton with the goods, in order to fill the spaces in the box and therefore prevent the products from moving around and getting damaged. There are lots of different types of void fill, so you should do a little bit of research on it to ensure that you get the right one for your particular product.

Use Extra Strong Strapping For Security

Using extra strong tape and strapping will ensure that your items are not only kept together during transit but also that people will not try and open the containers in transit either. A machine such as our Siat XL35 Semi-Automatic Pre-Set Case Sealer really helps you with this task as it is a quick and easy machine suitable for sealing a wide range of case sizes up to 500 x 500mm.

Use Pallets to Minimise Damage

One of the best ways to ensure your products arrive at their end destination undamaged is to strap them all together on a pallet. Pallets can be easily moved to places using a pallet jack which not only saves time for the carrier but also those receiving the goods as well. We have a variety of pallet wrappers available here at Siat, from entry level items to fully automatic.

Label Dangerous Goods Clearly

There are a lot of legal restrictions on the transportation of dangerous goods, and so if you are transporting products that are considered to be potentially dangerous they should be packaged correctly and labelled in a way that means they can be clearly identified. Examples of products that are classed as dangerous goods include flammable liquids and gases, infectious substances, radioactive material and toxic waste.

Check Weight Restrictions Carefully

If the goods you are transporting are large or heavy then you may need to think about weight restrictions. These usually start to become important when you are thinking about pallet loads of products, but if your product is particularly heavy then you may need to think about it even if you are sending it in a small parcel. Get in touch with your freight agent or carrier to discuss their weight restrictions and charges early on in the process, and then you can decide the cheapest way to transport the product where it needs to go.

Fill out your ESCI Accurately

An ESCI is a commonly used name for an Export Cargo Shipping Instruction, and this is a really important document that is given to the carrier by the exporter of the goods. This document is critical as it contains all of the essential information such as the route, how the products should be handled during transport, the allocation of costs, and who should receive the goods at the end. If anything does happen to your goods in transit, and they are damaged in any way then your insurer will not pay out if your ESCI was not filled in correctly.

Don’t Forget About Your Standard Shipping Note

The Standard Shipping Note is another important document that is critical if you are shipping goods overseas. This document is used by customs officials and your carriers and contains information about the goods you are shipping and who is carrying the goods. If you do not have a Standard Shipping Note then be warned, your goods may not be allowed to leave the country.

Siat can’t help you with all of these tasks, but we can help with some of the most important ones, which are packaging your goods securely in order to make sure they reach their destination in one piece. If you would like any more information on any of our products, from our Siat S8 Case Sealer to our Columbia GT-ONE Strapping Tool then please give us a call today on 01924 483000. Alternatively, you can email us on enquiries@siat-uk.com.

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