It is quite common in our day to day business dealings for us to come across people who aren’t quite sure what a case erector machine is, and how it differs from a case sealing machine for example. After all, both machines are concerned with boxes and they sound kind of similar, so it is quite easy to get them confused! In one way they are quite similar as they can help to speed up the packaging process and therefore save money for a business, and so they are both considered to be really useful tools. However, this is where the similarity ends, so let’s have a look at the two different machines:

Case Erector Machines

The easiest way to remember what a case erector does is to think about it as a box maker – as this essentially wants it does. It makes boxes. This machine allows you to feed in a folded cardboard box, and it will then construct it, or ‘erect’ it by making it square and sealing the bottom ready to be packed. Siat case erectors have been designed to make as close to perfect boxes as is possible every time, but you can also get machines that work with poorer quality cardboard or corrugated cardboard which can save you having to buy new stock all the time (although your customers may not be so happy about it.)

The other problem with low-quality cardboard boxes is that even the most sophisticated machines will struggle with them and so you should ideally be using new cardboard every time as the quality of the cardboard will have a direct effect on the erecting machine’s performance.

Let’s look at the performance of the machine then. On average it takes about 20 seconds for a person to put a box together, whereas a case erecting machine can do it in 7 seconds or less usually. This shows that using a machine to erect your boxes can save you a lot of time. This not affects your packaging time, but also means that your labour costs will be lowered by two thirds as well, and this makes using a machine for this particular process much more cost-effective than using a person. It also frees up the employee who would normally be putting the boxes together, to do something else just as useful in another part of the factory.

The other benefit of a case erector is that it makes near perfect boxes every time and so your wastage costs should be reduced, and your pallets should be stacked tighter and neater than ever before. Having perfect boxes stacked well on a pallet means that there is less change of damage occurring in the shipping process which again will be cost saving for you.

Case Sealer

A case erector, however, is no good without a case sealer. The case erector can only go so far along the path of erecting the case, and then you will need the sealer to correctly glue it into shape every time.

Case sealers tend to work with any kind of box, but the better the box is put together the better the sealer will work. That is why sealers tend to work best on boxes that have been produced by a case erector.

Let’s take a closer look at why that is. A case erector will put a single layer of tape on the bottom of the box with a small lap up each side to ensure that the box it has erected stays in the right shape. However, the seal is only as good as the tape or glue used. If you have an employee erecting the boxes manually then they can quite easily apply more tape or glue than they need to. They may decide that the first strip of tape they have just applied is a little bit wonky, and so put another strip on – and bang, your materials costs have just doubled. This may be an insignificant amount if you are only building 5 boxes a day, but when you are building 50 or more it can really add up!

The only option then is to purchase a case sealer, as this will enable you to ensure the correct amount of tape is applied to each box each and every time.

You don’t necessarily have to buy both a case erector and a case sealer, they do work independently of each other. However, when they are used together it can have a huge impact on your costs and also positively impact your shipping costs and wastage as well.

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